• PPR Single clamp
PPR Single clamp close left right

PPR Single clamp

Code: F15-403

Material: Plastic

Place of origin: Ningbo, China

Sample: Support

Product Description

PPR Pipe Clip, PPR Single Clamp

PPR Single clamp is fixed to the wall or the floor with a screw hole ensuring that PPR pipes are fixed in a straight direction.

Code Size Color
F15-403A 20 Green, grey, white
F15-403A 25 Green, grey, white
F15-403A 32 Green, grey, white
-- -- --
F15-403B 20 Green, grey, white
F15-403B 25 Green, grey, white
F15-403B 32 Green, grey, white

• Material: Polyproplyene random copolymer
• Green / grey / white colors for choice

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