Linear Shower Drains - Stainless steel shower drain

Release Time: 2023 - 08 - 22

Stainless steel shower drain 360° rotating outlet

1. A linear shower drain is an ideal solution in a modern bathroom with tiles. It is intended for draining water from shower cubicles and open shower spaces. The aesthetic appearance and simplicity are undoubted advantages of linear outflows.
2. The shower channel is equipped with height-adjustable anchor feet, which enable precise installation and ensure perfect integration into the floor covering.

What is a Linear Drain?
Think of a linear drain as a gully. It drains water from open shower spaces and shower cubicles. This is a much more efficient and natural way of draining than a standard centre drain. The shape also makes these shower drains less prone to build-up of hair and debris. As part of a modern wet room or walk-in shower set up, they make the most functional sense.

Linear Shower Drain        Linear Shower Drain

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