• Copper reducing tee
Copper reducing tee close left right

Copper reducing tee

Code: F16-304

Material: Copper

Place of origin: Ningbo, China

Sample: Support

Product Description

Copper Reducing Tee End Feed

Code Size
F16-304 15mm x 10mm x 10mm
F16-304 22mm x 15mm x 15mm
F16-304 22mm x 15mm x 22mm
F16-304 22mm x 22mm x 28mm
F16-304 20mm x 22mm x 28mm
F16-304 35mm x 28mm x 35mm
F16-304 42mm x 35mm x 42mm

• Copper end feed reducing tee
• Manufactured from high quality copper
• Reducing on the run & branch
• Suitable for hot and cold potable water as well as heating, chilled water and gas
• Material: copper
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