• Filter cartridge with crystal polyphosphate
Filter cartridge with crystal polyphosphate close left right

Filter cartridge with crystal polyphosphate

Code: D8822-PO

Type: polyphosphate cartridges

Product Description

Filter Cartridges with Polyphosphate Crystals

Water treatment filter cartridges with polyphosphate cristals for an effective anti-scaling and anti-corrosion treatment.
The D8822-PO Anti-scale cartridges with polyphosphate crystals prevent deposits and limescale from forming.
They favour precipitation of calcium carbonates and magnesium, blocking them from adhering to the walls of the pipes and protecting all sensitive elements, both in technical and home uses (pipes, coils, sleeves, etc.).

Code Size Length
D8822-PO -- 5"
D8822-PO -- 7"
D8822-PO -- 10"

• Cartridges filled with polyphosphate crystals anti-scale conditioning and anti-corrosion protection
• Cartridges with upper flat antimicrobial gasket and lower grille
• Treatment material: polyphosphate crystals
• Max. operating temperature: 35°C (95°F)
• The polyphosphate cartridges consist of a plastic housing.

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