• Brass float valve without ball float
Brass float valve without ball float close left right

Brass float valve without ball float

Code: V27-301

Body material: brass

Size: 1/2"-2"

MOQ: 2000 Pcs

Place of origin: Ningbo, China

Product Description

Brass Float Valve

Brass float valve for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications used as inlet valve for controlling high-capacity water flow. Ideal for using in air conditioning and irrigation systems. Easy to adjust and maintain. It has a bronze body construction to provide for durability, longer service life and corrosion resistance, with a diameter of ½-2 inches. The water level can be set using the vertical adjuster. This float valve is designed with interchangeable parts to make replacement easy, for simple fluid level control within open tanks and vessels.

Code Size
V27-301 1/2"
V27-301 3/4"
V27-301 1"
V27-301 11/4"
V27-301 11/2"
V27-301 2"

• The lever is made of brass
• Without plastic ball float.
• One piece brass body with an integral tail.
• Thread: ISO228

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