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Pipes & Fittings


Runner manufacture all kinds of Pipes & Fittings. They are widely used in the plumbingware. such as brass fittings,compression fitting and press fitting for multilayer / Pex / copper pipe,thread fitting,geka coupling,push-fit fitting,ppr fitting,ppr pipe,pex-al-pex pipe,pipe clamp and copper fitting etc.. Pipe thread to ISO228. Natural,chrome-plated and nickel-plated surface is available.

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*Attention: The formation of ice in the system can seriously damage fittings and pipes.

Brass fitting
Pex-al-pex fitting
Compression fitting
Pex fitting
brass fitting for copper pipe
Compression fitting for polyethylene pipe
Compression Fitting for Multilayer Pipe Detachable Connectors for Multilayer Pipe Compression Fitting for PeX Pipe Compression Fitting for Copper Pipe Compression Fitting for Polyethylene Pipe
press fittings for multilayer pipes
press fitting for pex pipe
Axis pex fitting
brass fitting
PP-R fitting
Press Fttings for Multilayer Pipe Press Fittings for PEX Pipe Axial Press Fitting for PeX pipe Generic Fittings PPR Fittings
ppr pipe
Push fit fitting
Quick coupling fitting
Copper fittings and Bronze fittings
PVC-U fittings and Pipe  
Pipes, Tools & Clamp Push-Fit Fittings Geka Couplings Soldering Fitting PVC Fittings
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